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3 Tips to Increase Revenue on Shopify

By June 19, 2020April 27th, 2021No Comments

If you have a Shopify ecommerce business, there are many things you can do to increase sales. Today, we’ll be looking at 3 specific apps we use to help our clients hit higher levels of daily sales on Shopify.

Shopify Sales Accelerator #1: Zipify OneClickUpsell

This is an incredible app that we set up for our clients who want to take advantage of upselling and cross selling products immediately after purchase. Why is this so effective?

Imagine you’re at a retail store and buy a pair of pants. At the cashier, the clerk says, “Hey, want this nice belt to go with those slacks?” You’re already in the buying mood and the belt just enhances your decision to buy the pants.

The thing is, you likely NEVER would have bought the belt on its own, and you likely didn’t decide to buy the belt even as you were deciding on the pants. It was only AFTER you committed to the pants that the belt became a need.

The same goes with many online purchases. Zipify OneClickUpsell literally puts buy pages in front of customers after checkout for optional upselling. If you skip out on this app you are skipping out on added revenue (usually 10-20% from our experience). And yes, you can easily track how much revenue the app is making you!

Shopify Sales Accelerator #2: LiveRecover

LiveRecover is a tool that gives your store the ability for someone—a real actual person (not a bot)—to text your abandoned carts soon after abandonment in order to recover them. You can easily track the revenue this app produces for you as well.
This works much better than emailing abandoned carts (though of course we recommend setting up a robust abandoned cart email campaign as well).

The method often employs giving the person a small discount via text to go ahead and finish checking out, and it works surprisingly well for many stores.

After all, you’re picking up sales you’d otherwise be missing, so why not close the deal and pay LiveRecover the commission—then you’ll have a new customer on file to continue selling to!

Shopify Sales Accelerator #3: Klaviyo

klaviyo logo

Without a doubt, if used and set up properly, Klaviyo is the King (or queen?) of Shopify apps. There’s no other tool you can use to systematically follow up all your customers and abandoned carts with long-term custom follow-up strategies.

Our best clients set up insanely profitable email flows (which you can A/B test) that can all be customized depending upon what product the customer bought.

No longer do you need to rely on basic Shopify template thank you emails after purchase. Of course, writing great copy is a big part of how effective Klaviyo is, so if you need help with maximizing your Klaviyo account we can help you with that!

Killer Shopify Apps

There are other Shopify apps we recommend to our clients, but for now, try starting with these three: Zipify OneClickUpsell, LiveRecover, and Klaviyo.

Keep in mind we can help you implement ANY Shopify app and have experience boosting ecommerce sales in a variety of industries. We even write great sales copy for your email campaigns. For more info, contact us at 305-209-6833