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Greenslant Partners with Artist Tony Ciavarro and Launches the Rockin Tuna NFT Collection

By November 11, 2021November 19th, 2021No Comments

It’s official:

Greenslant has partnered with artist Tony Ciavarro for the launch of their Rockin Tuna NFT collection. This is big news for both fans of Stinky Monkey Tattoos and other work as an artist as well as avid collectors of NFTs alike.

What is Rockin Tuna?

Rockin Tuna is a collection of 3000 NFT avatars that are randomly generated, hand-drawn, and exist on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Greenslant has partnered with world-renowned artist Tony Ciavarro to launch the Rockin Tuna NFT Collections. This is an NFT sale you don’t want to miss. Public sale of Rockin Tuna begins December 1st, 2021 – so mark your calendar!

What is an NFT?

In the most basic terms, NFTs are data units that are stored on a digital ledger. An NFT, or non-fungible token, is non-interchangeable and completely one-of-a-kind. They’re often traded on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world.

One of their main uses is to represent items that are easy to reproduce: videos, audio, photos, and other digital files. The NFT represents the file as an item that’s wholly unique, using the blockchain to create a proof of ownership that is verifiable and public.

Tony Ciavarro and Greenslant

The Artist

The medium that Tony is most known for working in is tattoos. He’s been working as a tattoo artist for almost a quarter of a century, during which time he pioneered the “New School” style. But this is only one side of what Tony does as an artist.

In addition to his work in the tattoo industry, Tony owns and designs SLOWDOWN, his own clothing line. As if all that couldn’t keep him busy enough, he also works on logos and other graphic design projects in his spare time.

Because of the fact that he was self-taught, Tony is able to create artwork that steps outside of the limitations that strict adherence to technical rules sometimes causes. As a result, his work is highly original and pushes the boundaries of every style he touches.

The Company

Greenslant is a business that helps other businesses grow. Using custom service solution options, their expert teams works with business owners to curate a personalized suite of services to maximize your company’s growth potential. This is done through a perfect blend of social media and Google PPC advertising as well as landing page campaigns.

Using their signature Sales Funnel Blueprint, Greenslant is able to give you a clear snapshot of your sales projections in a reliably concise manner. The clients that the company serves come from a broad range of industries, them the experience and knowledge to handle any hurdle and seize every opportunity in business growth.

A Golden NFT Opportunity for Newbies

Tony Ciavarro’s partnership with Greenslant is an excellent opportunity for those who are just getting started with NFTs. It’s comforting to know in the often unpredictable world of NFTs that you’ve got a highly credible company like Greenslant managing this project. With the company’s experience and powerful business tactics, the development and marketing strategy of this collection is sure to be a huge success.

“We are honored to work with Tony and committed to making this project a wild success,” said Greenslant CEO, Matthew Howe. “This project is a great opportunity for people new to the space and interested in investing in an NFT.”

Once you’ve seen Tony’s work, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion besides that he is an extremely talented artist. All of the NFTs in the Rockin Tuna collection are drawn by hand, and as such, each one includes unique and rare attributes. With the hand-drawn quality of the tokens, no two will look exactly alike. It will be rewarding to study each one carefully and pick out those tiny details that Tony sneaks into the pieces.


Rockin Tuna’s Legends are the rarest of all their NFTs. Legends are entirely hand-drawn and include multiple ultra-unique variants. With each different Legend, a different music genre will be represented. When the reveal and public NFT minting event takes place, these exciting Legends avatars will be distributed in a completely random fashion – so you never know who’s going to get one until the event happens!